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Kingwe-Star is a LED light box manufacturer with more than a decade of experience. Shown below are some LED crystal lightbox displays and aluminum frame LED lightbox displays. According to the installation methods, our LED lightboxes can be divided into ceiling hanging lightbox display, wall mount LED light box, freestanding light box, etc. We can also provide LED light boxes in custom size, shape and function.

We are able to provide diversified lightboxes covering ceiling hanging LED lightbox, wall mounted lightbox, freestanding lightbox, etc. With customizable lightbox sizes, you can choose any of them according to your specific requirements.

Aluminum frame LED lightbox displays designed and produced by Kingwe-Star include wall mount lightbox displays, ceiling hanging lightbox displays, LED magnetic light box displays, LED fabric light box displays, etc. They all adopt an aluminum frame, making the light box lighter yet firm.

Beside the advertising LED lightbox displays listed above, we also provide related LED products and accessories like tracing light box, light guide plate, LED bubble wall and modular LED lamps for customers. We are appreciated to hear from you if you are interested in our LED light box and other LED lighting products, we will reply you in time as we get your message, and we can provide customized LED lightbox displays in your needs.

    1. Tracing Light Box
    2. Tracing Light Box Our tracing light box offers different tracing feels and diversified options. The light box is designed with high brightness LED light source and high quality acrylic light guide plate, bringing better light transmittance and making it easier for tracing. They have been widely used in places like schools, studios, hospitals, etc.
    1. Light Guide Panel
    2. Light Guide Panel Our LED light panel is a light guide medium that adopts optical grade acrylic sheet and laser dotting machine to achieve variable density and size featured dotting, ensuring uniform brightness of the light guide plate. It has been widely applied for light box, panel lights, TV backlit etc.
    1. LED Bubble Wall
    2. LED Bubble Wall The LED bubble wall panel is a decorative panel designed with digital circuit control, which perfectly combines water curtain technology, digital circuit and LED multi-color light source. Our LED bubble wall panel is made of acrylics, which is crystal clear and has good performance of impact resistance, preventing cracks of the water curtain.
    1. Modular LED Lamp
    2. Modular LED Lamp The modular LED lamp is a new type of LED light, which can be dismantled and assembled freely into LED lights with diverse images.
      Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
      Production dimension: 220(L)*220(W)*362(H)MM